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Student Nurses Association of India, the only National level associate organization of the TNAI for student nurses, established in 1929. The vision, aims and mission of the TNAI which is the mother and supportive organization of SNA have been, to hold high the dignity and honour of the nursing profession, to unite nursing personnel, to promote high standard of nursing education and nursing practice and also to protect genuine interest of the nurses and nursing students and public at large.

Organization and activities of the SNA is similar to that of the TNAI. At the beginning level, the local units are established in teaching institutions. It then moves on to the zone, state and national level. The nursing educational institutions should form SNA unit by electing the unit executives, under the guidance of the nominated SNA advisor and the President. Then, the SNA unit members welcome the newly admitted nursing students and induct them into the SNA unit. They become formal members by paying the unit subscription.

A wide variety of activities with objectives of the association in view are encouraged at all levels for the SNA members. The diversity of activities is derived from the professional, educational, social, cultural and recreational spheres. The activities are geared to strengthen curricular and co-curricular components.

Lourde college of Nursing promotes activities of SNA in order to inculcate the leadership qualities among our growing budding nurses, the following members were elected for executive committee for the year 2019-20.

1. President Prof.Mr.Senthilkumar.T (Principal )
2. Vice President Mr.Sinto Augustin K (IV Year B.Sc(N))
3. General Secretary Ms. Libija.A ( IV Year B.Sc(N))
4. Vice Chairman Ms. Mariya Joseph ( IV Year B.Sc(N))
5. Editor Ms. Feba Anna Stanely (II Year B.Sc(N))
6. Arts Secretary Ms. Adithya R.K ( IV Year B.Sc(N))
7. Sport Secretary Mr. Jishnu. C (I Year B.Sc(N))
8. Treasurer Ms. Devikrishna. J (III Year B.Sc(N))
9. Joint Secretary Ms. Greeshma B. Anil. (IV Year B.Sc(N)).

Lourde College of Nursing is providing a great platform for all students to unleash their artistic talents by encouraging active participation in all cultural activities. We won the 2nd runner up at the zonal level (Kannur & Kasargod district) arts competition during 2018. Our students showcased an excellent performance at the state arts competitions for both group and individual items and attained many prizes at the state level as well in 2018.


Lourde College of Nursing Students Union is constituted as per guidelines framed and governed by the Kerala University of Health Science.

The objectives of the union shall be:

(i) To train the students of the college in the duties, responsibilities and rights of citizenship
(ii) To promote opportunities for the development of character leadership, efficiency, knowledge and spirit of service among the students.
(iii) To organize debates, seminars, work squad, torus and similar other activities,
(iv) To encourage sports, arts and other cultural, educational and recreational activities that are incidental and conductive to the above objectives and
(v) To work for the general welfare of the college and to support every activities proposed by College or University like Student Support and Guidance Programme.

The following executive members were elected for the year 2019-20

1. President Prof.Mr.Senthilkumar.T (Principal )
2. Chairperson Mr.Sinto Augustin K (IV Year B.Sc(N))
3. Two Vice chairperson Ms. Mariya Joseph (IV Year B.Sc(N))
Ms. Devikrishna. J (III Year B.Sc(N))
5. General Secretary Ms. Libija A (IV Year B.Sc(N))
6. Joint Secretary Ms. Greeshma B. Anil(IV Year B.Sc(N))
7. University Union Councilor Ms. Dalna James (IV Year B.Sc(N))
8. Secretary Fine Arts Ms. Adithya R. K (IV Year B.Sc(N))
9. Student editor Ms. Feba Anna Stanely (II Year B.Sc(N))
10. Secretary Sports games Mr. Jishnu. C (I Year B.Sc(N))
11. Class representatives Ms. Evanjalin Nancy Joy (I Year B.Sc(N))
Ms.Anagha N. P (II Year B.Sc(N))
Mr. Vipin Sreenivasan (III Year B.Sc(N))
Ms. Sneha Joseph. (IV Year B.Sc(N)).


Trained Nurses Association of India is the National body of the practitioners of nursing at various levels. The association was established in 1908 and registered under the society Act XXI of 1860 in 1917, Registration No.199.

The main objective of the association is to upload in every way the dignity and honour of the nursing profession and to promote team spirit, high standards of health care and nursing practice apart from enabling the members to represent their issues and express their point of view to the concerned authorities. The Government of India has recognized the association as a service organization (No.F8-3/50-M II, Government of India, Ministry of Health, New Delhi, June 14th 1950)

Functions are to enunciate standards of nursing education and nursing services and implement these through appropriate channels, stimulate and promote research design to enhance knowledge on evidence based practice of nursing, promote and protect welfare of the nurses. It organizes the annual conference, publishing monthly Bulletin, awards best nurse and scholarship for student nurses.

Realizing the importance of Professional organization, TNAI – Lourde Unit was started in our institution since beginning, and re-energized in 2017. The following executive members are elected for the year 2019-20 for its active function.

1. President Prof.Mr.Senthilkumar.T (Principal )
2. Vice President Mrs.Celin Sara Stephan
3. Secretary Mrs. Sabna P. K
4. Treasurer Mrs.Valsamma Cherian
5. Joint Secretary Mrs. Nimmy Augustin
6.Programme Co-ordinator Mrs. Johnson L. K.


1. Ms. Leethu Thomas, Nursing Tutor has attended TNAI 53rd state conference held at Kaloor Renewal Center Ernakulam on 19/01/2018.

2. 76th National TNAI Biennial Conference at Goa was attended by Prof.Senthilkumar T, Principal and Mrs.Sabna P.K. Lecturer from 13/12/2018 to 15/12/2018.

PACHAPP (Nature Club)

It is an innovative programme to develop an ecological conscientization among students which mainly aims to know and feel the green of nature and make others aware about the importance of the essentialities of protecting the nature. Students are making a voluntary contribution of a sapling on their birthday which is planted and look after by the pachapp crew members on a daily basis inside and outside the campus.


In line with Kerala University of Health Sciences effort to combat life style disease among Health Science student, we the Lourde College of Nursing has decided to address the issue by conducting series of awareness programme and physical activities among the students. The following physical fitness activities are carried out in the campus.

1. All batches of students are rotated in weekly timetable with play activities in the college ground.

2. Warming up, aerobic exercise, throw ball and shuttle games are carried among boys and girls students.

3. Management has sponsored Zumba and Karate for all voluntarily students with free of cost.


Final Year B.Sc (Nursing) Students:

Nursing Education Administration cum excursion visit for 2014 Batch has been executed from 02/06/2018 to 11/06/2018 to Agra – New Delhi.

Nursing Education Administration cum excursion visit for 2015 Batch has been executed from 25/02/2019 to 08/03/2019 to Agra – New Delhi – Kulu Manali

The students and Faculty visited various Institutions at Delhi, includes Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, NAZ foundation (INDIA), AIIMS, TNAI head quarters, Voluntary Health Association of INDIA, Parliament of INDIA, and Rashtrapathi Bhavan.

Second Year B.Sc (Nursing) Students:

Students excursion planned to Kodaikanal and conducted from 22/11/2018 to 25/11/2018 for all students and accompanied by faculty & PTA representatives. It was an amazing experience for all of them.

First Year B.Sc (Nursing) Students:

One day excursion has been arranged on 23/03/2018 to Coorg for all first year students accompanied by faculty and PTA representatives.

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