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In line with the guidelines of Kerala University of health sciences, Lourde College of Nursing, has started “SSGP Programme” from 2015 onwards. The trained Nodal officers of our faculty members kept vigil on ruling out physical & psycho social problems of our students. In order to effectively function of SSGP in Lourde, we organized monthly teacher student interaction session which is meant first Wednesday for First Year B.Sc Nursing, second Wednesday, third Wednesday, and fourth Wednesday for 2nd, 3rd and final year B.Sc (Nursing) students respectively.

Student Support and Guidance Cell:

• Head: Prof. SenthilKumar.T ( Principal)
• First Year Faculty members
• PTA representative ( Mrs. Sreeja P)
• Student representative (Ms. Jisni Reji)
• Nodal faculty members

Nodal Officers:

1. Mrs. Karpagalatha.S, Vice-Principal
2. Mrs.Valsamma Cherian, Associate Professor.

Lourde College Of Nursing



Lourde College of Nursing

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