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Lourde College of Nursing is committed to undertake research related activities and research publications in order to improve body of knowledge of the nursing profession. Hence we envisioned a research committee thus provides a conducive platform for students to enhance their knowledge and stay befitting in this competitive environment with research background.

The committee’s agenda is to make students understand the importance of Research in nursing. The curriculum based under graduate research work is carried every academic year and guided by the post graduate faculty and the classes and presentation are designed in a way to bring out the researcher inside the student. We motivate students to write research papers and provide them with the necessary assistance in getting them published/presented at a conference. The aim of this committee is to encourage people to come out in the open and express their opinion and help the students gain recognition for the same.

The purpose of the research committee is

• Determine the direction and priorities of research in the College through strategic planning; includes theory and practical hours and presentations.
• Consider and review the needs of the College in commissioning research to fulfil strategic objectives across the College including but not limited to research, policy and education;
• The College Research Committee must not: enter into any agreement binding upon it or on the College; or
• The College Research Committee must not: enter into any agreement binding upon it or on the College; or

Faculty members from different disciplines, presently engaged in research works in various fields of studies, monitor and address the issues related to research work and other academic activities in the college.


✔ Publishing research papers in indexed journals and e-journals
✔ Organization of research dissemination lectures of the faculties of this college
✔ Organization of students’ colloquium.
✔ Publication of annual report of the research, consultancy and extension activities of the faculties of this college.

Institution research committee strives to develop scientific temper and research culture and aptitude among students. Faculty members are also encouraged to make publications in scientific journals and the same was felicitated by the Principal and Management.

Institutional research committee is headed by Prof. (Mr.) Senthilkumar .T, Principal and Mr. Johnson LK, Assistant Professor, Dept, of Mental Health Nursing is the Secretary. All the post graduate teaching faculty members are executive members of the research committee.

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